Litigating the Action

Don’t sweat the paperwork. We’ll deal with the law firm representing the bank and help you navigate the legal proceedings.

Motion for an Order of Reference? Motion for a Summary Judgment? Motion for a Judgment of Foreclosure and Sale? Don’t let the mountains of paperwork get in your way of foreclosure avoidance. If you’re served with any motion, contact us first.

While some clients may lose hope after seeing a motion from the bank, the very best thing you can do is take action immediately. Most banks are hoping you won’t respond, looking for any leg up in court or additional reason to build their case.

If you’re behind on your payments, you may actually have more options than you realize — even if you’ve been served with a motion. Our firm specializes in sizing up each individual case and setting out the best course of action, starting out with your response to the bank.

Before you do anything, let’s talk. We’ll help you craft the right response to the bank and map out a potential settlement plan without drowning you in needlessly complex legal forms and proceedings.